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2006, 2

B. A. Voronkov

Extraction of acoustic signal at high-intensity noise

language: Russian

received 02.08.2005, published 14.01.2006

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Application of absolute (amplitude) measurement method in hydroacoustics leads to distortion and to loss of information in the infrasonic range, measurement errors as a result of high-intensity noise. The problem of measurement quality in hydroacoustics can be solved using a relative (phase) method of signal transformation. A phase gradient sensor allows to extract a small acoustic signal in presence of high-intensity noise. Other advantages are the following: (1) compensation of dynamic noise, (2) infrasonic signals recept, (3) determining the direction of signal arrival. The paper is devoted to development and application of a phase gradient sensor.

10 pages, 4 figures

Сitation: B. A. Voronkov. Extraction of acoustic signal at high-intensity noise. Electronic Journal “Technical Acoustics”,, 2006, 2.


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Boris Voronkov – an engineer, specialization: optics, holography, electronics, acoustics, solid-state physics. Major interests: development and application of the relative (phase) method for measuring hydroacoustic signals.

e-mail: boris-gradient(at)