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Aims and Scope

Technical Acoustics is an open access journal. The term open access gives the right of readers to read, download, distribute, copy, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles free of charge. We aim to bring important work to a wide international audience and to provide high-level quality service in scientific publishing. Both experimental and theoretical studies are accepted. We combine the standards of scientific quality together with efficient peer-review process.

Electronic Journal "Technical Acoustics" publishes original research papers on all areas of acoustics:

  • general acoustics
  • structural acoustics
  • flow acoustics
  • electroacoustics
  • architectural acoustics
  • noise control
  • underwater sound
  • atmospheric sound
  • acoustics materials
  • medical applications
  • musical acoustics
  • speech technology
  • measurement and instrumentation
  • acoustic signal processing
  • ultrasound
  • environmental acoustics
  • physiological and psychophysical acoustics
  • standardization
  • speech recognition
  • image processing
  • digital signal processing
  • and others

The author grants to all users a free access to articles. EJTA applies the Licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY 4.0) to all manuscripts to be published.

All EJTA articles must meet the highest scientific quality standards, both in terms of originality and significance. Manuscripts are reviewed by two experts and editors of the journal before acceptance. Authors themselves are welcome to recommend reviewers for their article. We ask referees to review papers within two weeks.

All articles published in this journal represent the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors. Accepting of a manuscript implies that the work has not been published before.

We are aware of responsibility for maintenance of the journal and all the published articles in the Internet permanently and in perpetuity.

Since 1992 Journal "Technical acoustics" was issued as paperback (ISSN 0869-4583). In 2001 we launched the Journal in the Internet.

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English and Russian are the Journal languages. It means we handle manuscripts either in English or in Russian.

We are happy to receive your comments and suggestions concerning the Journal.