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Content 2004

2004, 21

O.P. Skljarov

Fractals and large-scale temporal structure of the acoustical speech signal and music

2004, 20

Susan M. Bertram, Luke A. Johnson, Jerome Clark, Carmenlita Chief

An electronic acoustic recorder for quantifying total signaling time, duration, rate and magnitude in acoustically signaling insects

2004, 19

A. Akhtyamov, G. Safina

Diagnostics of relative stiffness of cylindrical shell edges fastening

2004, 18

Federico Bartolozzi

Natural frequency automatic variation in seismic isolation system

2004, 17

Allan Kim, Andrey Bykov, Andrey Troshin

Active noise control and noise reduction: practical examples

2004, 16

O.P. Skljarov

V/U-rhythm at the reading as indicator of the speech breath function state in stutterers

2004, 15

I. L. Sheinman

Diffraction errors at sound intensity measurement

2004, 14

Konstantin I. Matveev

Vortex-acoustic instability in chambers with mean flow and heat release

2004, 13

Houari Sayah, Mostefa Rahli, Ahmed Massoum

Aeolian vibrations of the overhead cables

2004, 12

M. R. Benbrahim, R. Benslimane, El. Aalloula

Automatic retiming method based on genetic algorithm for the detection and the follow-up of dental lesions

2004, 11

Sid Ahmed Zidi, Samir Hadjeri, M. Karim Fellah

The performance analysis of an HVDC link

2004, 10

D. A. Kas’yanov, G. E. Fiks, G. M. Shalashov

Diffraction method for focusing of acoustic fields radiated by extended borehole antennas

2004, 9

Long-Jyi Yeh, Ying-Chun Chang, Min-Chie Chiu

Design optimization of double-chamber mufflers on constrained venting system by GA method

2004, 8

H. Bounoua, A. Bounoua

The utilization of the PWM inverter feeding in the asynchronous motor command

2004, 7

O.P. Skljarov

Speech development and scenario of its V-rhythms’ development

2004, 6

I. Grushetsky, A. Smol’nikov

FEM application for calculation of coupling loss factors used in SEA, L-shaped beams case

2004, 5

S. S. Voronkov

On sound velocities in viscous gas flow with transverse shift

2004, 4

Ying-Chun Chang, Long-Jyi Yeh, Min-Chie Chiu

Optimization on constrained single-layer absorbers by simulated annealing

2004, 3

Mohd Jailani Mohd Nor, Nordin Jamaluddin, Fadzlita Mohd Tamiri

A preliminary study of sound absorption using multi-layer coconut coir fibers

2004, 2

M. A. Chikh, F. Bereksi Reguig

Application of artificial neural networks to identify the premature ventricular contraction (PVC) beats

2004, 1

F. Tayeboun, R. Naoum, F. Salah-Belkhodja

Design of tunable filter by Kerr effect used in optical communications

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