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Content 2007

2007, 23

A. M. Gavrilov

Geometrical dispersion in spherically divergence Gaussian beam

2007, 22

M. Chandrasekar, M. Ponnavaikko

Spoken TAMIL character recognition

2007, 21

W. A. Albarakati

An analytic solution of the stagnation point flow problem

2007, 20

Nora Vilchinska

Force chains in granular media and ultrasound impulse propagation in sand specimen under load

2007, 19

D. Bødewadt Carstensen, T. Amby Christensen, Morten Willatzen, P. V. Santos

Modeling of gallium arsenide surface acoustic wave devices

2007, 18

S. S. Voronkov

On velocity of sound and transition to turbulence

2007, 17

Milind N. Kunchur

Audibility of temporal smearing and time misalignment of acoustic signals

2007, 16

N. V. Dezhkunov, P. V. Ignatenko, A. V. Kotukhov

Optimization of the activity of cavitation generated by pulsed ultrasound

2007, 15

Fréderic Coutard, Etienne Tisserand, Patrick Schweitzer

Optimal low noise amplifier for ultrasonic receptor

2007, 14

Hamid Behnam, Elham Mokhtar Tajvidi

Simulation of acoustic fields from 2D-array transducers with continuous wave excitation in homogeneous medium

2007, 13

Ahmed Chitnalah, Djilali Kourtiche, Hicham Jakjoud, Mustapha Nadi

Pulse echo method for nonlinear ultrasound parameter measurement

2007, 12

S. Rajagopalan, S. J. Sharma, V. M. Ghodki

Low cost virtual instrumentation using PC printer port for ultrasonic velocity measurements

2007, 11

Patrick J. Vitarius, Don A. Gregory, Valentin Korman, John Wiley

Correcting distortion in acoustic sense lines

2007, 10

A. N. Gromov

Fluid level measurements using acoustical technique, which takes inhomogeneity of fluid into account

2007, 9

S. Budrin

Application of Finite Wave Elements for waves propagation computing in branched systems

2007, 8

Yoshifumi Fujita, Mitsuo Ohta

A trial on correlative effect of higher order between utility and risk based on acoustic and magnetic fields around VDT

2007, 7

V. Kirpichnikov, D. Lyapunov, V. Savenko

Influence of resonances in ship hull, in ship structures and in compartments on noise in outer water

2007, 6

V. Vangesov

Distortions of magnetic recording, caused by magnetic tape deterioration

2007, 5

A. Rehman, A. Khan, A. Ali

Rayleigh waves in a rotating transversely isotropic materials

2007, 4

I. Grushetsky

Internal loss factors of ship structures and its application for computing vibration and noise

2007, 3

Jean Martial Mari, Christian Cachard

Acquire real-time RF digital ultrasound data from a commercial scanner

2007, 2

Faiz Ahmad

Application of Crocco-Wang equation to the Blasius problem

2007, 1

György Wersényi

Localization in a HRTF-based Minimum-Audible-Angle Listening test for GUIB applications

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