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Content 2010

2010, 16

V. I. Gorbunov, V. A. Sutorikhin

Possibility of non-destructive test using microwaves

2010, 15

A. A. Karabutov, N. B. Podymova

Laser optoacoustic method of porosity measurement of gas-thermal coatings on a metal substrate

2010, 14

S. Shestakov

Multibubble acoustic cavitation: a mathematical model and physical similarity

2010, 13

V. N. Khmelev, D. S. Abramenko, R. V. Barsukov, D. V. Genne

Control of ultrasonic technological devices parameters

2010, 12

Shchurov V. A., Kuleshov V. P., Tkachenko H. S.

Vortices of acoustic intensity in shallow sea

2010, 11

Alexander R. Klotz, Kullervo Hynynen

Simulations of the Devin and Zudin modified Rayleigh-Plesset equations to model bubble dynamics in a tube

2010, 10

S. Shestakov, O. Krasulya

Sonochemical technologies in food industry

2010, 9

Olga S. Gromasheva, Vadim A. Yukhnovsky

On the frequency and power level choice for emitted phase-shift keyed signals according to M-sequence

2010, 8

M. El Allami, H. Rhimini, A. Nassim, M. Sidki

Application of the wavelet transform analysis to Lamb modes signals in plates

2010, 7

Masoumeh Shafieian, Farokh Hodjat Kashani

Effect of sound source directionality and surface diffusivity on sound diffusion

2010, 6

S. Skurativskyi, I. Skurativska

Localized autowave solutions of the nonlinear model for a complex medium

2010, 5

S. Rajagopalan, S. J. Sharma, V. M. Ghodki

Design of virtual sing-around system for precise ultrasonic velocity measurements

2010, 4

S. S. Voronkov

On module of elasticity of viscous heat-conducting gas

2010, 3

A. Akhtyamov, A. Karimov

Diagnostics of crack location in a rod using natural frequency of longitudinal vibration

2010, 2

O. S. Gromasheva, K. V. Bachinsky

Information system for the hydroacoustic research test site in the area of the cape of Shults

2010, 1

M. Arronte, E. Ortega, L. Ponce, E. de Posada, E. Rodriguez, T. Flores

Real-time monitoring of de-thorning process in Opunctia Nopalea by using a PILA technique

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