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Content 2006


A. Maizel

On sound field of a source placed close to rigid prolate spheroid


Cristina E. Beldica, Harry H. Hilton, Sung Yi

Viscoelastic damping and piezo-electric control of structures subjected to aerodynamic noise

2006, 17

E. Mfoumou, C. Hedberg, S. Kao-Walter

Static versus low frequency dynamic elastic modulus measurement of thin films

2006, 16

V. N. Khmelev, R. V. Barsukov, S. N. Tsyganok, M. V. Khmelev

Adjustment of ultrasonic generators for technological processes in cavitating media

2006, 15

I. L. Sheinman

Influence of gas bubbles on sound transmission of sonar dome

2006, 14

Andrey Troshin, Andrey Bykov

Implementation the active noise control to fan airborne noise of multimedia projector

2006, 13

Stjepan Lakusic

Impact of tram traffic on noise and vibrations

2006, 12

I. Starchenko

Dynamical chaos at propagation of finite amplitude waves in water

2006, 11

Doh-Hyoung Kim, Youngjin Park

Development of moving sound source localization system

2006, 10

I. Grushetsky, A. Smol’nikov

Computing of coupling loss factors using FEM, probabilistic approach

2006, 9

M.A.S. Masoum, A. Kazemi, S.M.H. Nabavi

Optimal control of booster phase shifters using HVSO pulse width modulation

2006, 8

Z. C. Zheng, B. K. Tan, W. Li

On compact Green's functions and asymptotic expansions for flow-induced sound predictions

2006, 7

Patrick J. Vitarius, Don A. Gregory, John T. Wiley, Valentin Korman

Sampling rate error in acoustic measurements

2006, 6

Mitsuo Ohta, Yoshifumi Fujita

Inter-subjective relationship of higher-order among spatial-temporal wavy environmental factors – a methodological trial based on a standpoint of “Relationism-First”

2006, 5

I. A. Sarafanov

Vibro-acoustic technique for definition of cavitation coefficients of regulating devices

2006, 4

A. F. Kurchanov

Bearing of low noise object by combined receiver

2006, 3

A. M. Gavrilov

Phase interdiction mode's theoretical model for difference frequency wave of a nonlinear sound radiator

2006, 2

B. A. Voronkov

Extraction of acoustic signal at high-intensity noise

2006, 1

Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Ohyun Kwon, Sateesh Kumar Talapuri Venkata Sai, Benjamin Ryu, Joonki Paik

Reconfigurable VLSI architecture design for real time image stabilization

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