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Content 2009

2009, 16

N. Abdullayev, R. Abdulov

Method for compensation of temperature error at localization of sound sources

2009, 15

N. Abdullayev, R. Abdulov

Method of circles for determination of technological explosions location

2009, 14

Panagiota Marazioti

Computational fluid dynamics modeling of the combustion noise (roar) in attached-lifted propane jet diffusion flames and comparison of the numerical results

2009, 13

V. I. Aparkhov, M. A. Glushkova

Vibration reduction of marine planetary gears

2009, 12

A. Akhtyamov, A. Ayupova

On solving the inverse problem of reconstruction of concentrated masses using natural frequencies of flexural vibrations

2009, 11

Guosong Zhang, Jens M. Hovem, Hefeng Dong, Tor A. Reinen

A design for timing pulse acquisition in underwater multipath environments

2009, 10

U. E. Asuquo, M. U. Onuu, A. U. Asuquo

Effects of exposure to loud noise on the hearing of the residents of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria

2009, 9

S. Muraviev

On application of Biot theory to spectral analysis of borehole sonic logging signals

2009, 8

Panagiota Marazioti

An aerothermoacoustic model for computation of the combustion noise (roar) radiated by lifted turbulent jet diffusion flames

2009, 7

Gushchin V. V., Rubtsov S. N.

On pseudo-noise appearing during propagation of seismic wave in granulated medium

2009, 6

V.N. Khmelev, A.V. Shalunov, R.V. Barsukov, S.N. Tsyganok, A.N. Lebedev

Ultrasonic apparatus for drying

2009, 5

M. G. S. Ali

The effect of transducer angulation on pulse-echo amplitude scan signal formation

2009, 4

A. I. Maksachuk, G. V. Leonov

Optiko-acoustic method for remote control of disperse particles sizes

2009, 3

L. R. Yablonik

Acoustic modeling of dissipative silencers

2009, 2

A. F. Kurchanov

About estimation of power and phase spectrum of a signal

2009, 1

E. Ya. Bubnov, V. V. Guschin, A. K. Minnegulov, S. N. Rubtsov

The application of elastic fields for the subsurface inhomogeneities detection

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