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Content 2008

2008, 21

Kh. B. Tolipov

Diffraction of Rayleigh waves at acute-angled wedge

2008, 20

M. Chandrasekar, M. Ponnavaikko

Tamil speech recognition: a complete model

2008, 19

Karabutov A. A., Kobeleva L. I., Podymova N. B., Chernyshova T. A.

Laser optoacoustic method for local elastic moduli measurement of particle reinforced metal matrix

2008, 18

E. A. Navarro, J. Segura, R. Sanchis, A. Soriano

Solving 2D acoustic ducts and membranes by using FDTD method

2008, 17

Varsha Shah, Rekha S. Patil

Virtual piano using inharmonic dispersion tunable comb filter


M. A. Ilgamov, A. G. Khakimov

Reflection of longitudinal travelling wave from notch in rod

2008, 15

V. V. Mitsianok

Approximation technique for numerical description of some low-frequency sounds of speech

2008, 14

Yu. V. Marapulets, A. O. Tsherbina

The methods for study of spatial anisotropy of geoacoustical emission

2008, 13

A. Akhtyamov, G. Garipova

Diagnostics of mechanical system with two degrees of freedom using natural frequencies and amplitudes of vibration

2008, 12

Nima Sahba, Vahid Tavakoli, Alireza Ahmadian, Mohammad D. Abolhassani, Mohammad Fotouhi

Hybrid local/global optical flow and spline multi-resolution analysis of myocardial motion in B-mode echocardiography images

2008, 11

S. Reuka

Acoustic field in a liquid wave-guide with impedance boundary conditions

2008, 10

M. Malekzadeh Shafaroudi, H. Behnam

Ultrasound field simulation for array transducers based on impulse response calculation

2008, 9

M. Yu. Lannie, V. N. Soukhov

Acoustics of the opera house of the Moscow Academic Musical Theatre
named after K. S. Stanislavsky and V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko

2008, 8

A. Kurchanov

Bearing of two concentrated sources in the presence of external noise

2008, 7

A. M. Gavrilov

Spherically spreading beams with sharply defined border

2008, 6

Konstantin I. Matveev

Thermoacoustic effects of transverse non-uniformity of mean temperature in channels without mass streaming

2008, 5

S. Reuka

Features of ultrasonic pulse propagation in a liquid stream waveguide with combined boundary conditions

2008, 4

A. M. Gavrilov

Geometrical dispersion in spherically divergence beam

2008, 3

A. M. Gavrilov

Field features of spherically convex radiator

2008, 2

I. V. Andronov

Influence of air on flexure waves diffraction in thin elastic plate

2008, 1

S. Ramji, G. Latha, S. Ramakrishnan

Modeling and simulation of underwater high frequency noise spectrum using artificial neural networks

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